Monday, January 9, 2012

Ilha Grande

Scary bus ride time! So today I have made my way south to Ilha Grande, which is an island a couple of hours south of Rio. This involved getting a bus to the main bus terminal in the north of the city. The woman at the hostel told me which buses I could get and conveniently they go from outside the hostel. Great! So I get on the bus, all good, I can even see Jesus clearly today cos its stopped raining. Of course that happens now that I'm leaving.

Sidebar, I like local buses in Brazil. They have a driver and a cashier cos basically the bus will stop wherever along the route, and this means the driver can just keep driving once he's picked you up. No time wasted dicking about with the money. That's the other persons job.

Back to the main story, this bus headed back through the ghettos of the other night. The area looks less scary during the day but I still wouldn't get off the bus there. The bus keeps going into even dodgier looking areas the longer I'm on it. Oh yeah, I'm loving this. But I can see signs and I know we're going the right way and I'm about 90% sure the bus ends at a terminal, so I need to follow my own instinct and not get off the bus until I see the terminal.

Anyway we arrive about an hour later (it seems to take bloody ages to get anywhere over here) in a dodgy part of town and instantly dodgy people decend upon me saying "give me money" in English of course. They know that! I keep walking, ignoring them as best possible when they're all up in my space. The bus lady told me I needed to cross the road to the long distance bus terminal. They stick with me and I keep saying no. Of course its all men and teenage boys. Seriously, what is wrong with your kind? Get a bloody job. Grr...

I got inside the bus terminal with all my belongings on hand. Of course this is another giant bus terminal like Buenos Aires so it takes me 10 minutes to find the company I need. I managed to buy a ticket, hooray. The bus is pretty comfortable. The road south follows the coast. Very picturesque. Think Italian coastline (mountains, the sea) meets north Queensland (sugar cane, banana trees and lantana). I got to Angra at about 2.30 and set off for the ferry. 

This photo was taken walking to the ferry. How nice is it?

I made it to Ilha Grande after like eight hours. It's very pretty. No private cars are allowed on the island. The streets are sand or small walkways.

People haul beer and other supplies around in these cart things. Mostly beer though.

Again I'm sharing with all Brazillian girls. In fact most people here are Brazllian. So went out on my own to a per kilo restaurant for my daily fix on beans and veg. Then I was thirsty so found a bar that looked good and started ordering capirinhas. Some American guys turned up so then I had some friends to ger drunk with. And we did, or at least I did. The next day, I very hungover. I did nothing except lie on the beach dying. It was a nice beach though. No drinks for me later that night.

The next day I woke up feeling refreshed and went to look for a boat trip to some other beaches and to go snorkelling. I found one, took my anti sea sickness pills, and off we went. The first beach was cool, it was basically a tiny island, so no facilities. My phone was on the boat so I don't have any photos. They did manage to set up a temporary bar on this island. The Brazilians don't like to miss a drinking opportunity. Once again there was a lot of ass on display. I felt very overdressed in my Australian bikini with a regular amount of arse coverage. And speaking of bikinis these girls with their equally large tits should not wear triangle string bikini tops. If you have cleavage, side boob and under boob showing, its time to invest in a different style with proper support. At least give us small-boobed girls one thing.

The next stop was for some snorkelling. It was ok, saw some fish but the Great Barrier Reef has spoilt me. It was a long way off in terms of quality. Then it was more snorkelling (slightly better spot than the first) and then another beach before heading home. I managed to not get sunburnt so I was pretty pleased.

Next up was another trip to the per kilo restaurant followed by a├žai for dessert. Again more Brazillian girls in my room meant I had no one to talk to but I could not face the bar again so I went to bed early and watched some tv on my phone.

Tomorrow, I´m off to Paraty, a beach town back on the mainland towards Sao Paulo.