Sunday, January 15, 2012


Next morning I left the hostel and got the ferry back to Angra on the mainland. I walked up to the bus terminal in search of a bus to Paraty. Buses go fairly frequently, you pay on the bus, so it's all good. I waited, waited, and finally one turned up. I was sitting next to a hot Belgian guy. I've met two Belgians on this trip and both were hot. So technically 100% are hot. Anyway, we leave the bus station, and go to the ferry stop. We're both like damn we should have waited here. The bus picks up more passengers then it goes back to the bus station. WTF? We just did a round trip. So back at the bus station (take 2) we pick up more passengers. Anyway the second time we left, we actually left so that was good. Two hours or whatever later we get to Paraty. I said goodbye to hot to the Belgian and went to the hostel.

I checked in but didn't have enough money so I went in search of a bank. I don't know what the deal with ATMs is here but half of them randomly don't work with foreign cards. But when you try the one next to it, at the same bank, you can get money. It's really odd and annoying and makes no sense.

Other random things I've noticed about Brazil include biscuit shops. This the House of Biscuits.

And pharmacies. Seriously every second shop is a pharmacy. Brazilians must love their prescription drugs. Although you don't need one for most things I've been told. I'm thinking self medication and a lack of alcohol consumption laws is what makes Brazilians a happy bunch of people! 

So I got some money out of an ATM eventually and headed back to the hostel and two girls were in the room. I thought they'd probably be Brazilian and again I'd have no one to talk to. But they were kiwis. Hooray. And they were happy I was moving info the room cos they've had phantom roommates who come in late at night, no bags, no anything, sleep and then leave early the next day. Interesting. They then point out the mattresses on these bunks have cardboard and remnants of what looks like roller a doors between the mattress and the slats.

They are a bit paranoid they will break cos they stayed in a shit hostel in Rio on NYE which opened in time for NYE and 3 bunks broke on the first night. Glad I didn't stay there! My hostel sounds like the Copacabana Palace in comparison.

These two are really skint. They quit their jobs, have been travelling for six months through north, central and south America and are moving to London in about three days time. So we head to the supermarket to buy some food for dinner. They seem to be living on white bread and two minute noodles. I felt bad for their health and offered to buy them some fruit but they didn't take me up on my offer. When I've been unemployed people have bought me beers and food. And what goes around, comes around. I fully believe that.

Anyway after dinner we went to a bar (there's always beer money - I know that from my student days).

We ran into some guys from Sao Paulo who they met the night before. Their English is really good and they were really nice, but unlike most Brazilian men they had no game. Fail. The hottest one was called Adonis and is a struggling actor. Adonis! What a name. In fact they were all struggling artists of some kind so clearly they weren't going to buy us beers. In fact the only person with any money was me! Maybe that should have been my game. Double fail!

Anyway, they told us there was a beach party happening so off we all went to that. And then I ran into the five Aussie girls from Rio. Hooray. More friends. Old friends. So it was drinking and dancing on the beach and home at 4am. When we got back, the phantom roommate was in the top bunk then she left at about 8am. She had no bags. It WAS weird.

We got up around midday and headed over to the bus station since the Aussie girls warned us that the buses to Sao Paulo are full for several days in advance. I had planned going on the 9th and have a flight to Lima booked on the 11th. The kiwis need to leave on the 8th and have a flight booked to London at 2am on the 10th. Today is the 7th. Using spanish, I determined the first bus available is the 10th. This is ok for me, but means I will now only get half a day in Sao Paulo. It's not ideal; I would prefer a whole day minimum. Obviously this was not ok for the kiwis. They ended up having to pay three times as much for a private transfer. Although it will be quicker and does take them directly to the airport.

After the bus station they were going to head off to the beach and I was going to walk around the old town which is really nice. This didn't happen. We all ended up back in our room and lying down, hungover. It's now 5.30pm. Day fail!

Here's some pictures of the old town. I don't understand the pineapples thing (on the railings) but they keep popping up.

I also think if you live here you have to keep you house looking immaculate. No peeling paint anywhere.

These cobblestones are horrible to walk on, especially when wet. Very uneven. Definitely not for high heels. I'm pretty sure they fuck your car's suspension too.

No drinking that night since we were hungover and the kiwis were poor. Next day we got up at a reasonable time and we had plans to go to some waterfalls nearby. We waited an hour for the bus, and yes we read the timetable, so one was supposed to show. Some crazy old lady kept talking to us while we sat there. We eventually we gave up on the bus. Megan and I decided to walk to the next beach, which is over the hill from the main Paraty beach. Neither beach looks particularly nice for swimming in. The water looks a bit brown, and there's this, which seems to pump crap out constantly all day.

But you can drink on the beach so that's a plus.

I also like that the beers always come in stubby holders. Like Asia, 600ml seems to be the standard size. And it costs about $3. Win.

Dogs have a good life here too. They basically do whatever they want. This one has just dug a big hole and is burying a coconut.

Unlike the dogs in Asia, they aren't all flea infested and gross. Most of them have collars on and seem pretty well looked after. Given they are allowed roam free, there is a lot of dog shit around which you have to look out for. But they aren't all angry like dogs at home that bark when you get within 2m of "their" fence.

The kiwis left early the next day. I was sad. They've been fun to hang out with. I'm also regretting not paying more and getting the private transfer to Sao Paulo. I'm bored now. Besides drinking and going to the beach, there's not much else to do. So decided to try and get laundry done again and go shopping. Hmm... This happened.

Well havaianas are heaps cheaper here and I wear them all the time at home. And I will give my sister a pair for her birthday. Maybe.

Then it was time for more a├žai. Yum, how good does this look?

I also tried a per kilo restaurant but it was very average compared to Rio and Ilha Grande. I looked in a few more but they all seem to be below standard here so am buying fruit and veg in the supermarket and making meals at the hostel instead.