Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sao Paulo

I left Paraty in the morning to get my bus to Sao Paulo. I did not realise at the time it would mostly be winding through the mountains for a good part of the six hour journey. Urgh. If I knew, I would have taken my anti travel sickness pills. Of course it was raining as well, and there was a car crash which slowed us down more. It looked pretty bad. I hope everyone involved was ok.

Got to Sao Paulo late afternoon. This place freaks me out a bit, given it has the same population as Australia. I have difficulties getting my head around that. But, as a result of all those people, the metro system is excellent! They come every minute so I made it to the hostel easily. I stayed in the central business area I think, off the main Avenue Paulista. It seems nice and safe and businessy. Lots of tall office buildings and shops. I would have liked more time to go exploring. And it feels much safer than Rio.

Since I only had the night--since I could not get a bus out of Paraty yesterday--I picked the posh area of Vila Madalena to visit. It is on the metro and has a good concentration if vegetarian restaurants. I wanted a nice dinner since it's my last night in Brazil.

This area is really pretty. Lots of boutique shops, cool bars and nice restaurants. I'm guessing it's where all the rich people live. I would like to live here if it was my city.

Less than 12 hours in Sao Paulo but I still managed to buy some shoes! I think that's a good effort.

I found Banana Verde and had a delicious wholemeal fettuchini and veggies dish. Yum. I liked this restaurant a lot.

After dinner I headed back to the hostel and had a bit of a walk around the local area. I had to get up at 5am so it was an early night for me. Not so for all my roommates who came in at 3.30-4.00am making noise and leaving the lights on. But I got them back. My alarm went off at 5am and I let it go for longer than necessary. And I turned the light on and made a lot of noise. Take that bitches!

The hostel had booked me a transfer to the airport since it was too early for the airport bus. This girl shows up in her little Ford ka. At the first intersection she runs a red light. Then we're out on the freeway and she's driving in the hard shoulder lane cos she wants to go left at some point. Um, ok. I don't think she's very good at reading signs (or driving) cos we end up at the cargo terminal. Then I had to point out the signs to the passenger terminals cos she kept missing them. Luckily the traffic at this time of day was ok, so I had time for her fuckups. And she gave me a discount at the end, which I was glad about. I have the feeling she is the mate or sister of one of the hostel employees, and not a real driver. But I got here, checked in, and am now on my way to Lima.

The TAM flight was pretty average. Delayed, annoying people sitting next to me, and my veggie meal left a lot to be desired. Basically it looked like a 3 day old hot dog roll with some melted cheese on it. I was glad I had food with me. I also decided to have a coffee for the first time since about October last year. Big mistake. I didn't realise that Brazillians load it up with sugar beforehand. It was so sweet and horrible. Urgh! Ended up getting a tea instead. And, seriously, what is it with South Americans and sugar? Everything seems to have heaps of it added. Gross. They also eat loads of cake for breakfast.

I did get to watch the Glee movie dubbed in Portuguese. Well not the singing, that would be weird. This movie does not appear to have a teen drama storyline like the show. I think it's just them touring the US performing songs from the show and talking to fans. I don't think I'll be getting out the English version out when I get home.