Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Galapagos part 3

Day 5

Today yoga guy (I think his name was Lenny) and I went on a boat tour of los tuneles, which are basically a bunch lava tunnels in the sea, many of which form bridges sticking out of the water. It is actually really good cos a lot of wildlife lives here, which you are pretty much guaranteed to see.

On the way we passed some rocks filled with blue footed boobies. These are birds not lady parts. Er, that would just be weird.

We did two lots of snorkelling here. The first one probably went for about 30 minutes, with the highlight being swimming with multiple turtles. We also saw a group of sharks swimming around each other in one of the underwater caves. It was pretty cool. Like everywhere else here, there are also loads of brightly coloured fish and some starfish.

This photo is of a big red rock crab.

The second snorkel was in a different spot, and the water was absolutely freezing. I was glad to be wearing a wetsuit, but it was still freezing cold. This time we saw a lot more fish and quite a few manta rays. Sadly, no underwater camera on this tour.

Then we got off the boat and went onto the rocks and could see loads of turtles swimming around. 

This was also the first time I got to see a blue footed booby up close. They are very cool birds . 

Day 6

I got the ferry from Isabella back to Santa Cruz. All the ferries and tours go early here so it's hard to have a late night unless you are doing nothing the next day. But no one comes to Galapagos to do nothing.

After getting checked back in to the original hostel, I went into town to try and organise a day tour to Santa Fe Island for tomorrow. No deal. Apparently all the boats to Santa Fe go on Tuesdays, which does not work for me. So, after finishing that unsuccessful pursuit, I caught a water taxi over to Finch Bay.

I continued walking until I reached las grietas, which is basically a fjord created by the volcanoes on the island.

This apparently constitutes a path.

Some sea water gets in to las grietas so it is salty, however, it’s very clear and very deep. It’s also the same temperature all year around apparently. I thought it was a bit cold, but it was also quite refreshing since it's hot all the time. 

Apparently fish can get locked in here. Lots of people had snorkels, so there must be something to see. Someone told me they didn't see a lot of fish, but the rock formations under the water were interesting.

Idiots like this guy like to jump off the top. 

The water is really deep so as long you jump out clear of the rocks on the way down, you're safe. Climbing up seems kinda dangerous though.

After swimming in las grietas, I hung out at the beach for the rest of the afternoon, so that's it for part 3. Muchos sea lions to come in the forth and final Galapagos installment.