Saturday, August 10, 2013

Colonia Tovar

Guten tag blog fans and random readers googling Colonia Tovar and vegetarianism. Unfortunately there aren't any blog worthy restaurants here, but you can get a decent vegetarian meal. Just walk around and read the menus and you're bound to find something suitable at inflated tourist prices. Additionally, there are numerous fruit and veg stands around so eating here is not a problem.

As mentioned in the last post I decided to follow Yuna to Venezuela's little piece of Germany. It makes sense they'd have a German town, since East Germany was probably good friends with Venezuela at one point. I'm sure the Venezuelan Government cried a little when Germany reunited.

To get to Colonia Tovar, you need to go through Maracay or Caracas. Since Caracas consistently ranks in the "top 10 most dangerous cities", I was hoping to avoid going there if possible. Thankfully for Yuna and I, Maracay was closer to where we were starting from but we had to get to Valencia first. Valencia takes about six hours to get to from Coro and buses run frequently. Maracay is another 30 minutes. 


If however, there are not one but two traffic accidents along the freeway, then it takes two hours. I was glad I had those vegan empanadas from Coro with me since we didn't arrive until about 9pm.

When we got to Maracay, we fucked up with the posada we had chosen to stay in. It was not in Maracay but in the next town/ suburb, which ended up being a relatively expensive cab ride from the bus station. However, it was a very nice posada with the best internet I had in Venezuela. And it has a pool. Plus the taxi driver gave us some very good advice on which buses we needed to take to Colonia Tovar, so that was useful and probably saved us some time dicking about if nothing else.

The next morning we found a cheap local bus back to the Maracay bus terminal and from here made our way to Colonia Tovar. First you need to take a bus from Maracay to Victoria, then from Victoria to Colonia Tovar. While the buses do not come close to German standards (I wish), some do have German stickers on them.

Colonia Tovar is waaaay up the mountains. The journey (which takes about four hours in total from Maracay) is pretty spectacular even if the road is a bit scary. Also it got really cold at the top, so much so that we had to get our jumpers out. 

We then walked around a bit looking for some accommodation. This was really hard because the town is at altitude and the streets are really steep. Even without backpacks getting around is a workout!

Anyway, like Coro, there isn’t anything happening in this town. What is interesting however, is all the pubs and restaurants have staff dressed up in traditional German costumes but none of them speak any German. Or English. And like most places in Venezuela the customer service is negligible.

We went to a bar where you can get a Venezuelan made “German” beer and therefore costs twice as much as Polar (the government issued beer). It didn’t taste like German beer to me, but it was alright.

One thing I really like about Yuna is she always orders two beers. She then basically inhales the first the first one like she hasn’t consumed any liquids in several days, then she drinks the second one at a normal human speed. It cracked me up every time.

I like the beer Christmas tree thing they have happening behind this bar.

Lol, how old is this poster on their wall? If you don’t get it, google the Federal Republic of Germany.

Also, even though it looks like Germany (sort of) you are constantly reminded that you are still in Venezuela!

And no self respecting German would be caught driving this piece of shit!

Since we didn't have the internet and there's nothing to do but drink average pretend German beer we left after lunch the next day for Ciudad Bolivar.

Next stop: Angel Falls.